Hi there blogreader,

Welcome to my blog. I work as an IT Senior Technical Specialist and decided it was time to start writing about some of the things I’ve been up to. Being a administrator I’m lazy by nature, so if I can build a tool or add functionality to a product that will make my tasks a little (or a lot) easier and faster then, so help me, I will do it! My blog will be filled with handy tools and scripts for you to review, download and use. Mostly my posts will be about Powershell, MDT, Citrix and RES Software products.

If you find anything here you can use I’d appreciate you dropping me a line in the comments and/or share my post via various social media and/or click the Like button. Also feel free to report back any bugs you encounter, I’ll try to fix them asap. Just keep things civilized, people!

Come back anytime for new posts & updates or better yet, subscribe by the Follow or Follow by email buttons.


Michaja van der Zouwen
a.k.a. MicaH

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